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Celebrate the Great Backyard Bird Count with the WNC Nature Center

Celebrate the Great Backyard Bird Count with the WNC Nature Center from February 18 to 21!
For the past 25 years, birders have come together from all over the world to watch birds and record what they see and hear in an online database called eBird. These data points help scientists track bird populations, habitat ranges, and changes over time to ultimately help the survival of birds. For more information on how to participate please visit:
Here’s what you can do!
2. Pick a birding location (this can be your backyard!)
3. Watch birds for 15 minutes or more, at least once over the four days.
4. Upload your data on eBird.
Bonus Step 5. Take a picture of your favorite birding spot or bird and email it to for a chance to win two free guest passes in our March photo contest! Photos should be taken during the Great Backyard Bird Count and can be from anywhere. All submissions must be emailed by February 28. 

Happy birding!

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