Open 361 Days a Year: Admissions 10:00am – 3:30pm; park closes at 4:30pm

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Construction is in progress around our barnyard area. During this time, our barnyard animals will be interacting with new habitats inside and outside of the barn and receiving daily enrichment. Please bear with us while we make improvements for our animals and guests!
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Card Games


Family game night just got a whole lot wilder! Check out these Go Fish and Matching style games featuring southern Appalachian wildlife. Ages 4 & up.


Like Go Fish — Go Poop and Go Wild have you matching four of a kind, except with scat facts and wildlife calls.

Memory Match & Trivia features fun question and answer cards that range from silly (do corn snakes tell corny jokes?) to difficult (how young are skunks when they can first spray their stink?).

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Go Poop, Memory Match & Trivia, Go Wild