Open 361 Days a Year: Admissions 10:00am Р3:30pm; park closes at 4:30pm

Reservations are not required, and tickets do not need to be purchased online in advance.

AWF Stickers: Nature Center


These beautiful stickers were designed by professional travel writer and artist Kristi Trimmer and inspired by the great North American wilderness.


Each vinyl sticker is 3″ in width with brilliant colors and the name of your favorite local wildlife park at the bottom.

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Predators: Coyote Walking, Predators: Teal Wolf with Pups, Predators: Grey Wolf, Predators: Purple Bear, Predators: Bobcat with Kits, Predators: Howling Wolf with Moon, Predators: Red Fox, Predators: Cougar, Wildlife: River Otter, Wildlife: Red Panda, Wildlife: Salamander, Wildlife: Barred Owl, Wildlife: Squirrel, Wildlife: Skunk, Wildlife: Box Turtle, Wildlife: Frog, Pollinators: Hummingbird, Pollinators: Honeybee, Pollinators: Blue Butterfly, Pollinators: Orange Butterfly, Pollinators: Yellow Butterfly, Pollinators: Butterfly Garden, Predators: Red Tailed Hawk, Wildlife: Orange Dragonfly, Pollinators: Firefly Jar, Wildlife: Farm Scene, Mountains