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Construction is in progress around our barnyard area. During this time, our barnyard animals will be interacting with new habitats inside and outside of the barn and receiving daily enrichment. Please bear with us while we make improvements for our animals and guests!
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Pawprint Print – Otter


River otters can be found in a variety of freshwater habitats including streams, rivers, lakes, ponds, and marshes. Their dens are often dug into the bank of a stream, or they may utilize an old beaver lodge, muskrat house, or even a hollow tree.


Printed on 5 x 7 cardstock, this copy of Obi-Wan the river otter’s paw is a beautiful addition to any home. The 8 x 10 frames are ready to be placed on a shelf or hung on the wall. These pawprints were taken during routine vet exams, providing a clean, clear print with both staff and animal safety in mind.

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Print Only, Black Frame 8 x 10, Medium Brown 8 x 10, Honey Frame 8 x 10, Black Frame 8 x 10