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Barn Owl 12″ Plush


This adorable stuffed barn owl’s distinctive white face is hooded by a brown head, with brown stripes across its wings and a fluffy white underbelly textured like feathers. From the details on its wise face to the claws on its feet, this 12-inch stuffed barn owl brings realistic adventure to flight.

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More about the barn owl:

The common Barn Owl is a species known by many other names; names like the Golden Owl, Ghost Owl and Monkey Owl are just a few. These names have been spawned due to their prominent facial features. Barn Owls have a white flat heart-shaped face that is distinctive to its species and aids in hearing. Their plumage is mostly made up of white to gold colored feathers.

Compared to other owl species, the barn owl has a beak that is hidden behind stiff feathers that protrude out from its nostrils. Their eyes are also relatively smaller than that of most other owl species.

Barn owls are very commonly found in the south and their species has learned to adapt to decreasing number of habitats by setting up their homes in buildings. Barn Owls can be found nesting in barns and abandoned city buildings. Even though they are known to make nests in human populated areas, Barn Owls require a lot of space for hunting. They need a minimum of 70 acres of land as their hunting zone, and they will hunt and eat various small mammals. Barn Owls have a very unique flight style and they can hover in the air for as long as a minute.