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River Otter 12″ Plush


This outstanding little River Otter from Aurora Flopsies is a great pick for anyone with a real love of this brilliant creature. The North American River Otter is a fun loving, lively creature and this plush conveys their amazing personalities perfectly. This is one of the softest stuffed animal plush materials you will ever feel.

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More about the North American River Otter:

From their webbed feet, to their rudder-like tails, and their extra eyelids that act as goggles, river otters are masterful in the water. They love to eat fish and crayfish, but also eat mollusks, crabs, amphibians, rodents, birds, eggs, and reptiles.

River otters are playful and make slides along riverbanks. Much like young children, they enjoy playing by themselves or with other otters. River otters have few natural predators, but trapping, habitat destruction, and water quality remain their largest threat.

They were brought back from the brink of extinction in the state of North Carolina. Reintroduction programs and improvement of water quality has led to this success.